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Ekbet Casino Review – A detailed Review by Casino Games Online Reviews


Ekbet casino, legally licensed under ‘PHILIPPINE AMUSEMENT AND GAMING CORPORATION, is one of the most renowned bookmarks in the online casino industry.

The site offers an impressive and entertaining platform with the most diversified gaming section in the online gaming market. They offer relatively higher odds than their competitors and have a huge array of games like live casinos, slots, cricket, and horse racing. 

Ekbet online casino offers more than 200 events daily, making it easy for the new players to start playing with. According to the casino games online review, it is one of the best sites to start playing online casino games. 

Let’s take a deeper look at the key features of the website, the registration process, game varieties, and bonuses of the Ekbet online casino review article.


Basic Features of the Ekbet Casino

Ekbet casino has an interactive user interface that makes the players get hooked to the website. The design of the platform is quite iconic, and the icons give it an appealing look. 

There is an easy menu with tabs to make it easy for the users to search through the navigation bar. The users can quickly look up their favorite tabs and select the games under the tabs to start playing.

Ekbet also has a mobile version of the site for users who love to play casinos on the go. The site operates smoothly and conveniently on any portable device, including an iPad or tab.

What’s more, you can also transfer your data from the website to a mobile device. You have to install the app and log in to the site from your mobile device.

If you are skeptical about the site’s presence, then head over to their social media channels. You can access the official social media platforms of the Ekbet casino by clicking on the social media buttons available on their website. You can follow them to stay up to date with the latest news and games. 

Moving on to the registration process at Ekbet casino.

Process of Signing Up at Ekbet Casino 

Creating an account at Ekbat casino is easy. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Open the website
  2. Click on the “Join now” tab in the menu bar.
  3. You will be prompted to fill in the details like player id, your real name as in the identity proof, WhatsApp number., Facebook mail id, password, etc.
  4. You will ask asked to verify your account.
  5. Once the account is verified, you can set the withdrawal pin for further reference and withdrawal of the money.
  6. Select the desired game and understand the rules.
  7. Deposit the amount into the account
  8. Voila! You can now start playing at the Ekbet website.

Let’s take a look at the most exciting section of any casino site.

Gaming at Ekbet

To offer the best gaming experience and a vast gaming library to the users, the Ekbet casino collaborated with some well-known gambling companies. The games at Ekbet have some exciting storylines, and you can enjoy the gameplays with immersive and vibrant graphics.

 The most popular categories of the website are:


For the sports aficionados, Ekbet has provisions for betting on their favorite at some of the major platforms like AE_CRICKET, SBOBET, SABA, and BTI. The players can click on the play now button and start betting on their favorite sports.


PS, JDB, CQ9, MG, PT are a few of the most popular slots available on the Ekbet website. The players can choose from various games under this tab and start playing for some huge rewards.

Live games

If you love to be a part of all the live-action, then the live games section is the perfect place for you. You can bet on live games along with live dealers for an enthralling gaming experience.

Horse Racing

Unlike many other casino gaming sites, Ekbet casino has incorporated horse racing for the players who love to bet on horse racing.

Number game

To cater to the needs of the Indian casino players, Ekbet has come up with a number of games. Under this category, the players can participate in various number games and win rewards.

Each category at the Ekbet online casino provides a wide range of entertainment options that are suitable for every player. It is noteworthy that every game has a simple functionality that even beginners can figure out.

 Now that you are ready to play at the Ekbet casino, you should be aware of the deposit and withdrawal methods.

Ekbet Deposits and Withdrawal

If you think depositing and withdrawing money from the online casino website is a hassle, Ekbet will change your perspective. It is the kind of site that will make your transactions smooth and easy without any issues.

It accepts all the major payment methods that Indian casino players appreciate. This makes the transaction easy and quick.

Here are some ways through which Ekbet accepts payments 

If you face any issues while depositing or withdrawing the money, the customer support team at Ekbet will help you resolve them. There is an option for live customer chat on the website to help you play safely and efficiently. 

Now that you are ready to play at the Ekbet, you must know about the rewards you will receive once you start betting on the site.

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Rewards and Bonuses

To keep the players hooked to the site and give them a head start, Ekbet offers multiple promotions in various categories.

Here are some of the bonuses that the site offers to its players.

Overall Results

Casino games online review loves the Ekbet casino for its easy-to-understand functionality and attractive user interface. The players can easily navigate through the options as all actions are intuitive. Moreover, the registration process doesn’t take much time and is quick compared to other online casinos. 

To maintain the integrity of the site and the platers, the site also verifies the email by sending an email with a confirmation link that goes to the players’ accounts.

Additionally, multiple bonuses and promotional codes increase the chances of winning and minimize the losses as well.

In a nutshell, we can say that Ekbet online casino is perfect for anyone who wants to start betting and win huge rewards.

Ekbet Casino FAQ’s

1.Are there any reputable online casinos?

Yes, the Ekbet casino is one of the most popular and renowned online casinos. It is a reputable online casino that is licensed by a philippine amusing and gaming corporation.

2. How do you assure the Ekbet casino review?

At casino games online review, we understand that it is vital for the players to know all about the site they are playing for. This is why our casino games online reviews analyze the site in depth to come up with honest reviews about the site.

3. Is playing online casinos legal in India?

Even though online casino and gambling operate under various restrictions, the players can play through verified sites.

4. How can I get in touch with the support team at Ekbet casino?

There are 3 ways to contact the EKBET support team. 

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