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The Karnataka ban on gambling is being challenged

In September, the Karnataka state amended the Police Act 1963 to ban all forms of gambling. It urged the police to enforce hefty fines and imprisonment charges on Indian citizens who broke the new amendment. 

After the new law, most Indian online casinos geo-locked their apps and sites in the region. This was to avoid attracting the police when the players accessed the sites. The law covers all the games of chance, with the exception of lotteries and horse racing. Several online gaming companies are trying to challenge the amendments and seek extensions that cover games of skill like Rummy. The High Court is yet to order a stay. The government will not take any action against gaming firms not abiding by the law because the cases filed by the Gaming Federation and other gaming companies are still pending. 

The future of Online Gambling in India.

The industry is gaining popularity in India among all age groups and is estimated to grow by 41% by 2021. About 80% of Indians take part in gambling at least once a year. It has been a target market for top gaming software developers. This brings a lot of questions for the government of India. Will the tax charges increase? What measure will it take then to control gambling?

Currently, the best online casino sites for real money are reaching out to the top game developers to provide the players with options, game availability, and better experiences.

The gaming industry in India is set to multiply to new heights.

A new report has stated that the size of India’s mobile gaming market will multiply three times in the next four years. That means by 2025, and the country will still be the world’s largest mobile gaming market. The increase is notable in the number of game apps downloaded every day. According to Sensor Tower data, that contributes to up to 12% of the world’s total.

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