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How to bet on IPL Cricket Online: Quick Step by Step Guide

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Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most popular T20 league where cricket players around the world are a part of it. This league has grown a lot since its inception in 2008, and continues to do so with every passing day. The popularity of IPL has meant that it has also become a huge online betting event.


Understanding how to bet on IPL: Twenty-20 Format

The advent of T20 format has added next-level thrill and entertainment to the game of cricket. It has reduced the game time, but at the same time made it more fast paced. Every ball becomes an event and this keeps people glued.

In this article, you will get free cricket betting tips, how to bet on IPL guide, different betting formats, and more.

Choose IPL betting Platform

Choosing a reliable IPL betting platform can be a task, but if thorough research is done, you will find the right one. Go for a betting platform that offers higher odds, security, quick and easy deposit and withdrawal, and good promotions. Once you find such an online IPL betting platform, register on it, get a bonus, and start playing.

How to Place an IPL Bet Online?

It is simple to place bets on IPL online. Follow some quick and easy steps to get started with IPL online betting.

Step 1: Register on any online cricket betting platform of your choice.

Step 2: Funds should load first before selecting the ‘Cricket’ option from the left.

Step 3: Select the IPL game that you want to bet on.

Step 4: Evaluate the IPL gambling rates and get a detailed understanding on the working of IPL betting odds before placing the bets.

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Payment method

Various quick, easy, and secure payment options are available on IPL betting websites. You can pay using UPIs like GooglePay and PhonePe, you could use Debit/Credit cards, or there are platforms that accept cryptocurrencies too. 

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IPL rules

IPL is a T20 league, so compared to ODIs or Tests, it has a short duration. There are many rules, but the new ones such as an impact player rule will be implemented in this season of IPL. An impact player is just like a substitute in a game of Football. A captain can choose to bring on an impact player at the start of the innings, after a fall of a wicket, at the end of an over, or when a batter retires. The player who is being replaced can take no further part in the game. Also, mostly an impact player will be an Indian, but a captain can have a foreign player as an impact player only when his playing 11 has less than 3 foreign players.

Along with the impact player rule, the new toss rule is in place. Both teams can now finalise their playing 11 after the toss is done. A team will be penalised 5 runs if there is unfair movement by a wicket-keeper or any other fielder.

IPL League Structure

IPL has 10 teams, divided into 2 groups of 5 teams each. Each team will play a total of 14 matches in the league stage, where they face the remaining 4 teams in their group twice, four teams from the other group once, and the remaining team from the other group twice.

After the league stage, the first two teams in the table play qualifier 1 where the winner directly goes to the final, and the losing team has to play qualifier 2. The 3rd and 4th ranked teams on the table play the eliminator, where the losing team heads back home and the winning team goes to qualifier 2. In qualifier 2, the winner of eliminator and loser of qualifier 1 face off, the winner of which faces the winner of qualifier 1 in the final.  

Teams in IPL 2023

There are a total of 10 teams in IPL 2023, they are as follows:

How to Read IPL Odds

IPL betting odds may be represented in decimal or fractions, but many American sportsbooks use American odds. A favourite in an American odd is represented with a negative (-) sign, while an underdog is represented by a plus (+) sign.

Consider the following example,

Chennai Super Kings -200

Sunrisers Hyderabad +170

In this example, if you place a bet on Sunrisers Hyderabad of 100 and they win, then you will get a profit of 170 (you get the bet amount 100 and winning amount 170). If you bet 100 on Chennai Super Kings and they win, then you get 50 as a profit. 

How to Bet on the IPL and Win

There are many events in the IPL on which betting can be done. You need to know the events, as it will help you form an effective betting strategy accordingly. Following is a list of some events on which IPL betting is done.

Coin Toss

Coin toss bets are before the beginning of the match. You can place bets on the winner of the toss and the outcome (heads or tails). Generally in an IPL match, captains winning the toss choose to bowl first.

You can call the toss before the actual captains do and win some exciting rewards.

Total Wickets

In this event, the betting is done on the total number of wickets taken by a side, or a bowler of a particular side, or one bowler with highest wickets in the match. You can also place your bets on the number of wickets a side or a particular bowler would take.

Man of the Match

This event includes predicting the man of the match. It does not require in-depth research, as any player on a given day can perform better. But you can check previous records of a player against the team he will be facing, as it will give you a good idea of his track record.

Total runs

This bet is placed on total runs scored in the match, total runs scored in an innings, total runs scored by a batter in a match, or total runs scored by a batter in an innings. For this type of bet, you will need to know the pitch type and previous match records of competing sides.

Total Ducks

If a batter gets out on a zero, it is called a duck. So, this bet is about predicting which player will get out on zero.

Total Four/ Sixes

This bet can be placed on the total number of fours/sixes hit by a team, by both the teams, or a particular batter. You can also bet on the bowler who could concede a maximum number of boundaries (four or sixes, or both).

Top Batter

A bet can be placed on a batter with the most runs in an innings or in a match. Go for batters who are in form, as they are likely to score more. If a top-order batter is in form, go for him, as he is more likely to face maximum deliveries. 

Cricket IPL Betting Tips

There are many things that you need to keep in mind before betting on IPL. Following are a few things that you should do before betting.


  1. How do I select the best online IPL betting website?

You can visit casino games online reviews website to compare different IPL betting sites. This will give you a fair idea about sites and what they have to offer.

  1. When is the IPL 2023 starting?

The IPL 2023 tournament will start on 31st March, where defending champions Gujarat Titans will take on Chennai Super Kings.

  1. Who will captain Delhi Capitals in IPL 2023?

David Warner will captain Delhi Capitals in the absence of Rishabh Pant.

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