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How to Choose Your Lottery Numbers?

How to Choose Your Lottery Numbers

You’re the winner!

That statement alone is enough to make many people jump out of their beds while they are snoring in a state of bliss. Winning a lottery seems too good to be true. But, many people in the history of mankind have done it. How did they do it? There should be something. Were they very lucky? Were they a bunch of geniuses who cracked the secret to ruling the world?

 You can put up a hundred questions. But, solutions ain’t are not in abundance. To help you in this crisis, we at CGOR did our best to figure out for you (and for ourselves too!) the exact steps that would lead everyone to fortune.

 Let’s jump right in!

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 Scrutiny is the key.

 Just as financial gurus study each stock thoroughly before investing, you can also put in your research before buying your lottery ticket. With tons of information on the web, you can look up charts that denote the frequency of the numbers that have appeared as Powerball between a specific duration.

 This method is highly likely to put you on a front-row seat as you’ll be observing data that’s been proved to be true. Who knows? History might repeat itself. (Yes, it does!)

Just make sure you’re studying the right data that fits your lottery narrative perfectly. Different types of the lottery have different statistics which depend on several other factors besides the sheer good luck of the latter. Before you start doing that, remember to look at both sides of the story by selecting the numbers that have been drawn repeatedly along with the not-so-frequent numbers. Just to be on the safer side!

 Spoiler Alert! Each number has an equal chance of getting drawn.

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Dealing with Delta!

Don’t worry. We ain’t talking about the covid delta variant but a more accurate system of formulas that has the potential to push you towards your distant dream of becoming a lottery winner.

This system is known as the Delta System. Follow along the taps to learn this spell.

(Strange enough? We think not)

●     Choose any number between 1 to 5.

●     Choose two numbers between 1 to 8. (Ex- 3 & 5, 2 & 6, 1 & 7)

●     Pick a number close to 8. (Greater or smaller)

●     Choose a number between 8 and 15.

●     Write the numbers down. These are your initial delta numbers.

●     Add up the numbers. But make sure the sum doesn’t go above the highest number in your lottery.

●     Mix the numbers. You’ll get another version of the delta number. But this ain’t the one.

●     Add the first delta number to the second delta number and so on. (Your first delta number is still your final lottery number.)

●     You have your final lottery number. (All set!)

 Luck could last long…

Even so, we won’t fully recommend you to go this way, but if you believe your lucky number could help you in the long run; stick to it. It can be your birthday month or the first day of your school. (Who remembers that?) Or just go with that important event that made you who you are today. (A winner!)

Choosing a phone number might sound like an insane idea but you can also go with that. (Don’t look at us, it did cross your mind.) Creating a sequence of all the lucky numbers you came across in your life can increase the probability of winning in your head. Just don’t go all paranoid with it, or you’ll mess up the whole concept of sticking with luck. If your gut tells you to do it. Just do it! 

More tickets, please.

You saw it coming. Didn’t you? We can’t help it. At this point, you can’t be so sure about everything but if your budget allows it, just get more tickets. More tickets mean more numbers and more numbers are the keys to your fortune. (hypothetically) Just don’t go all berserk and empty your pockets to fill them later on with imaginary cash. (You haven’t won yet, kid.)

Just so you know, a firm in Australia tried buying more tickets for a local lottery but guess what? They won! Calculate your expenses, make your budget, and only spend a portion of your cash that won’t put you in danger if things don’t happen to work out. There’s a risk. Think twice.

Go Random or Go, Rogue!

If you’ve tried everything and still you’re not so sure about the move you’re about to make; trust the universe. If it’s meant to be, you’ll be roaming around in a screaming red Ferrari on the streets of Vegas. (Go with a Lamborghini!)

Just pick a number and there you have it. No guarantees but you know, lotteries are random too! Right? Or just take your time. Do your research like you’re doing right now and eventually ditch all of it.

You’re here to trust yourself. And you can do it. Just don’t put too much pressure on yourself because that might not be the way to go. The stars are aligned, start creating your constellation. 

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Bottom Line

If you’ve made this far in the guide, you must be aware of what not to do when it comes to going all-in with a lottery which is nothing but chance. Buying excessive amounts of tickets won’t necessarily put you on the winner’s pedestal. It just pushes you a little closer, logic-wise.

Go with the data that’s proven it’s worth but only relying on that chart won’t make you a winner either. Study those numbers without blindly trusting them. Numbers can make you go crazy, if not handled well. Just sit down with a clear head and eventually you’ll figure out your way to do it. You’re the main character. The champ!

 Lottery Numbers FAQ’s

1. Is the Delta System really reliable?

From a mathematical standpoint, the Delta system helps you understand how numbers work in the real world. Though you can’t rely on math alone, it gives you an edge over other competitors.

2. Is there a website that would generate random numbers for me?

Yes. If you’re having trouble picking up random numbers for the lottery, you can visit This website has a True Random Number Generator that does the job for you.

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