Improve Your Roulette Odds – Roulette Odds Guide

A player ready to wager money on Roulette in a casino has to familiarize themselves with the game’s odds and their chances of winning.

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A player ready to wager money on Roulette in a casino has to familiarize themselves with the game’s odds and their chances of winning. Understand that the design of the wheel is to have the mind calculate the mathematical probability of winning. Know that the odds of a single zero wheel and double zero wheels are different. Also, you are aware that the odds in American and European Roulette also differ. It’s paramount that players understand the odds in this game and the statistical probabilities of the possible outcomes to increase their chances of winning. Here is a guide to help you improve your gameplay in a Roulette game. 


With the aim of a better roulette payout, you will have to create an account on a safe online casino to start playing Roulette. The house edge effect cannot be fully influenced, but a player can lessen it, choose to play single-zero wheel or aim for better payouts. At Cricsbet or Uwin online casino, you will play Roulette which accepts various types of bets such as red, black, odd, even and so on. The payouts are fair and inviting. So it is okay if you are aware of the casino payout odds. And if you feel like they are paying out, you can switch to another casino game with a lower house edge. Single zero Roulette has many possible outcomes, and it’s hard to cover them with a single bet; therefore, you can make a straight-up bet and let the chips fall where they may. To make a decision, be in the know of the bet true odds. 

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Roulette payouts and probabilities

The casino game has two bet groups, namely outside bets and inside bets, which tell of the best positions on the table’s layout. Outside bets have a high chance of winning with small payouts, and the inside bets have a low winning chance but big payouts. You can try and tap some of the best Roulette offers in top sports betting casinos: Uwin, Cricsbet, 22Bet, Spin casino, Casumo and so many more. 

The house edge stays the same no matter which table you go for, so it’s better to be informed and play in moderation. 

Odds and Payouts for Outside Bets

Most players prefer outside bets, for their odds are much better, and they are winning. 

Even money bets cover about half of the possible outcomes except the number zero and the double zero on the American wheel. They are either red or black, even or odd, 19-36 or 1-18. The chance of winning is 50%, 48.65% in European wheen and 47.37% in American wheel. The payout is 1:1. Why is that? Because there is a high possibility of having an outcome of odd or even and red or black. 

Column and dozen bet – they cover 12 numbers of the roulette table. Not close to a third of all possible outcomes because of the zeros and double zero slots. Like betting on the first, second or third column or the first, second or third dozens of numbers 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. 

Hence, the calculator in Roulette will put winnings odds for bets at European 32.43% and the American wheel at 31.58%. The payouts of columns and dozens are 2:1. Has a higher chance of winning. Try either of these roulette bets at the online sites recommended by casino games online reviews.  

Outside bets payout chart

It has some of the best odds where a single zero wheel success is close to 50% minus the 1 or 2% of the house edge. Use one or more outside bets, and you might make long term profits for better chances of winning these bets. For players who are odd or not working out, red or black is surely an option or other outside bets. They eventually have a high chance of success, and the roulette odds calculator will show that.  

Odds & Payouts for Inside Bets

Betting on a single number or a small group of them is inside bet. Numbers can be grouped in various ways, and each of the bet types is related to the number position on the roulette table. They have a low probability of success but have high cashouts. Types of inside bets:

Split bet: Betting on two numbers out of the 37 available with the condition that the chosen numbers are neighbours on the table. The payout is 7:1. 5.26% is the odds of winning on the American wheel, and 5.41% is on the European wheel.

  • Corner bet: Bet on four numbers that form a square on the table, Example 1, 2, 4 and 5. The payout is 8:1. The chances of winning on the European wheel are 10.81% and 10.53% on the American wheel. 
  • Straight bet/ Single number bet: To bet on a specific number. It has a low probability of winning but a very high payout of 35: 1. The chances of the ball falling on that bet you placed are 2.70% and 2.63% in European and American wheels, respectively.
  • Basket bet/ five number bet: Player can bet on zero, double zero (00), 1, 2 and 3. The winning probability is 13.16%, with a payout of -6:1. The bet is only found on the American roulette wheel. 
  • Street bet/three number bet: Players here get to bet on a row of numbers such as 4, 5, and 6 or, let’s say, 19, 20 and 21. The bet has a winning probability of 8.11% and 7.89% in the European and American Roulette, respectively, with a payout of 11:1.
  • Double street: Betting on two rows of numbers: 6 numbers. The European wheel odds of this bet are 16.22% and 15.79% on the American wheel. The payout is 5:1. 

Inside bets payout chart

To guess a single number of bets is not everyone’s cup of tea and is so unpopular with roulette players because they don’t have the best odds. However, you can improve that at a single zero table. Most people go for street or split bets. Payout odds depend on the number of inside and outside bets you place. Pick the odds of winning from these various options.

Probabilities & Payouts of Called Bets

Called bets just like the name are announced by the players and are exclusively found at the European Roulette. French and the numbers in the best are combined according to the position on the roulette wheel layout.

Fixed bets are nothing like red or black bets

  • Neighbours of zero- Covers 17 numbers which are close to green zero. Place at least 9 chips and the odds of winning are 45.9%, with a payout that is not fixed and can get to 24:1
  • Thirds of the wheel- cover 12 numbers that are directly situated across from the numbers of the neighbours of zero. The odds of winning are 32.4% and a payout of up to 17.1%
  • The orphan bet – covers none of the above bets with a payout of 35:1 or 17:1 and a probability of success of 18.9%.
  • Zero game – cover only seven numbers close to the zero green slots. The smaller version of neighbours of zero. The odds of winning are 18.9%, and the payout is up to 26:1.  

Variable type

  • The neighbours – Placing bets on neighbouring five numbers. Winning chance of 13.5%.
  • Finals – Place a bet on the last digit—probability between 8.1% and 13.5% depending on the numbers. 

How to improve your odds at Roulette

Despite the odds in live casinos, players can use smoke strategies to stretch their roulette bankroll and enjoy the thrill of every spin. 

Start with the basics

Make different bets and stay at the table maximum limits. The more bets you make, the more challenging it is to follow the game’s action. But how can you attack the opponent?

  • Do not cross the table minimum and play only outside the bets. In such a case, where you bet on red or black for each spin, this type then pays 1 to 1 and covers 18 of the 38 possible combinations.
  • For two outside bets, place two bets on equal amounts. One on the column or dozen that pays 2 to 1 and the other on the even-money play. Spreading bets may not win you big money, but they surely will spice things up at the table. 

Play a European wheel.

It is a strategy that will improve your odds if you find a single-zero European wheel because it has a house edge half that of the American wheel roulette, which is double-zero. Casinos put it aside for high rollers and have higher table minimums. The chances to win become even better when the Casino offers a rule, en prison, that is advantageous and available at this wheel, applies to money bets, and lowers the house edge to a reasonable 1.3%. 


The variety of betting options makes Roulette one of the greatest casino games in the gambling industry. Place live Roulette in Indian sites to experience a game interface that will give you access to live dealers. On land-based and online casinos, the odds are similar. Enjoy the Roulette casino game on top of leading online casinos to experience instant bonuses and amazing cash prizes.

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