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Tash games or card games are pretty popular in India. When you think about the tash wala game, you may immediately think about the Lakdi game or Teen Patti or 29 cards game. Think of all the fun you had playing these games during Diwali with your friends and family!! 

There are lots of tash games that you can play online with your family and friends from the comfort of your home. Tash game download karna hai toh, you can easily do it from Google Play Store or Apple Store. 


Popular Tash Patti Wala games in India:

Some tash patti games are multiplayer games. So, you can absolutely love playing with complete strangers or even your own friends. We have a list of the 3 popular tash patti games:

           1. Teen Patti

This game is one of the favorite games for many Indians. The game is easy to understand and a fast game to play. Though it is a game of chance, you can still win real money in it if you use a good winning strategy. 

Game rules:  

  • It is a multiplayer tash game with up to 6-7 players. 
  • The objective of the game is that a player who does not fold the cards till the end of the game wins the pot amount. 
  • The pot amount is the initial bet or stake amount that is collected from all the players. After the pot amount is collected, the dealer starts the game. 
  • The dealer deals 3 cards to each player.
  • The first bet is placed by the player seated on the left of the dealer. This player can also fold the game first.  
  • When the last two players are left at the end of the game, only then a show request can be made by either of the players. 

Game Play:

  • The game can be played Seen or Blind. 
  • The pot is filled with the first bet stakes to start the game. 
  • Once the pot has an amount, the dealer deals the cards to the players. 
  • A player can start the game by playing Seen or Blind. 

Seen Game: 

  • In this, a player sees the 3 cards dealt to him by the dealer. 
  • Every player has to keep the stake amount the same, unless someone doubles the current stake. In this case, all the players must follow suit. 
  • The maximum bet allowed for a player is x4 the current stake amount. 
  • When a player does not play their bet, then they have to fold their cards and leave the game. They also lose the pot amount. 
  • The last two players left in the game can ask for a show or fold. When a show is requested, both the players compare their cards. The highest teen patti sequence wins the pot and the game. 
  • If one of the two players folds the game, the other player automatically wins the pot and the game. 

Blind Game: 

  • Playing Bind in Teen Patti is a strategy used by many players. 
  • When a player plays Blind, it means they have not seen their cards. 
  • They only bet half of the stake amount. 
  • A player can anytime during the game switch to Seen Game and view their cards. 
  • The bet amount will then be the same as other Seen players. 

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         2.Callbreak or Lakdi tash wala game:

Callbreak or Lakdi game is a classic Indian multiplayer tash game. It is pretty popular in many places in India and Nepal. This game involves a lot of strategies to win real money.

Game Rules: 

  1. 52 cards are used to play this game. 
  2. There are up to 7 players in this game. 
  3. Each player must make a minimum of 1 hand and a maximum of 13 hands. 
  4. The first important rule is that a player can use any card from the spade suit to cut any other suit card to make a hand. This rule is applicable when a player does not have the suit of the current chaal or play. 
  5. Any spade suit card can be further cut by a higher or highest suit card. 
  6. If a player has the biggest card in the same suit, then they must only play the chaal with the biggest card.

Game Play:

  1. Before the game starts, all the players need to predict the number of hands they will make. 
  2. The dealer deals 13 cards to each player. 
  3. The game starts when one player places their best card forward. Rest of the players must then place cards from the same suit. The biggest card wins the hand. 
  4. In the same way, the game continues till all the players have made their respective hands. 
  5. The game ends when all the players have finished all their 13 cards. 
  6. The player’s initial number of hands are compared with the actual number of hands they have made. Accordingly, the card values, points are added. 
  7. Players can play up to 5 games. At the end of the 5 games, all the scores are calculated. Whoever scores the highest wins the game. 

             3. 29 Card game: 

The 29 Card Game is another interesting multiplayer game played between partners. 

Game Rules:

  • There are 4 players in the game. 2 opposite players are the partners.
  • The game is played with 32 cards only.
  • Some cards are removed from the 52 cards deck. Namely, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 suit cards, leaving just 32 cards to play. 
  • Card points: Jacks – 3, Nines – 2, Aces -1 and Tens -1. So, in total 28 points are made in a hand.
  • Kings and Queens have zero points.
  • The objective of the game is to score the highest total of 29 points. Or at least score the predicted points of the team. The last chaal can fetch a player 1 bonus point to make the winning score of 29.
  • A player can make a minimum bid of 15 points and a maximum bid of 29 points. 
  • If the partner team fails to score the predicted bid points, they lose the game. 

Game Play: 

  • The player on the right of the dealer starts the game. 
  • 4 cards each are dealt to every player. Bidding for scores is done. 
  • The highest bidder chooses the trump card, but does not reveal it.
  • A player can pass their chance if they do not have good cards.
  • The next 4 cards are dealt to the players. In total, every player now has 8 cards each. 
  • The player on the left of the dealer places the first card in the middle, and so will the other players. 
  • If a player does not have the current suit card, then the trump card is revealed. 
  • The game continues till all the cards are played. 
  • The player who throws the last card gets 1 bonus point. 
  • At the end of this tash wala game, player scores are counted. The team that scores 29 points wins the game. 


Therefore, no matter which tash wala game you play, you will have a lot of fun. So, learn the game rules and start playing with confidence. Increase your chances of winning real money with a good game strategy. 

Tash Wala FAQs: 

        What are the popular tash wala games?

          Some popular tash wala games are Teen Patti, Callbreak or lakdiwala game and 29 Cards game. 

        How to play callbreak card game?

          It is easy to play callbreak card game. First understand the game rules and then learn to play the game. You can read the rules and gameplay in the above article.

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