The Ultimate Guide to Roulette Racetrack Betting

Roulette Racetrack Betting is a simple concept, and as with all bets in roulette, even newcomers will quickly understand how it works.

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When it comes to roulette, there are so many betting options that newcomers can quickly become overwhelmed by the various possibilities. Roulette Racetrack Betting is one such option. It can be quite perplexing if you’ve never played the racetrack in roulette before.

But, as with most things, once you understand what’s going on, it’s a piece of cake. The racetrack is a simple concept, and as with all bets in roulette, even newcomers will quickly understand how it works.

To help you, here’s Casino Games Online Reviews‘ comprehensive roulette racetrack betting guide.


What is a roulette racetrack?

It is a section of the roulette table dedicated to calling bets. It resembles a racing circuit, which is why it is referred to as the racetrack in roulette casinos.

What is the location of the roulette racetrack?

Many online and live roulette games feature an oval betting zone that resembles a racetrack to the side of the betting area of standard roulette tables. This is where your call bets are placed.

Racetrack betting may appear intimidating at first, but once you begin playing roulette on a regular basis, you will quickly become accustomed to the game flow.

What are call bets?

Players bet on specific sections of the roulette wheel when call bets are announced.

You’ll notice that the majority of the call bets are in French, which is typical of European and French roulette games.

Why should you bet on roulette racetrack?

The roulette racetrack betting allows you to maximize your betting options and place call bets on groups or sections of numbers on the roulette wheel quickly.

What are the benefits of call bets?

In a land-based casino, ‘call bets’ or ‘announced’ bets are traditionally bets that are called out to the dealer to save players from having to place multiple chips on individual numbers they want to bet on.

The roulette racetrack is used to place ‘call bets’ in online roulette games.

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What types of call bets are available?

There are four fixed call bets available, which are represented by the French terms displayed in the centre of the racetrack:

  • Tier, Tiers du Cylindre, or Serie 5/8: bet on 12 numbers covering a specific section of the roulette wheel. Six chips, each covering two numbers, are as follows: 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30, and 33/36 all have one chip. The maximum possible winning payout is 17:1. 
  • Orphelins, Les Orphelins: covers eight numbers on the roulette wheel that are adjacent to each other with five chips: 3/6, 6/9, 14/17, 17/20, and 31/34 all have one chip. The maximum possible winning payout is 35:1.
  •  Voisins, Voisins du Zero, or Serie 0/2/3: a group of bets covering 17 numbers on a section of the wheel.
  • Zero, also known as Jeu Zero, is a game in which four chips are used to cover seven numbers on a section of the wheel. 0/3, 12/15, 28, and 32/35 have one chip each. The maximum possible winning payout is 35:1.
  •  By placing a betting chip in the appropriate section of the racetrack, players can place a bet on one or more fixed call bets.

What are neighbours bets on the racetrack?

This is a type of bet on the online casino roulette table. When players want to bet on specific sections of the wheel or groups of numbers, they use neighbours betting.

How do neighbours bets work?

Hover over a single number on the online roulette racetrack to select it. By default, the live casino software will also place a chip on the two adjacent numbers on both sides of your chosen number, for a total of five numbers.

Using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on the right-hand side of the racetrack, you can increase or decrease the number of neighbours.

An example of a neighbour’s bet

For example, if you select RED 12 and ‘2’, you will be betting on RED 12 as well as the two numbers on both sides of RED 12 on the roulette wheel (7, 28, and 35, 3).

You can also use the roulette racetrack to make multiple neighbours bets to cover sections of the wheel faster.

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