How to Play Baccarat Online – Complete Guide

Being a skilled player can get you to world-class casinos, VIP programs, and invitations to the best nightlife events. Bring to your online casino the Las Vegas luxurious life.

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Being a skilled player can get you to world-class casinos, VIP programs, and invitations to the best nightlife events. Bring to your online casino the Las Vegas luxurious life. You may be sitting on the end of your phone at an online casino in India enjoying the gambling fun with Baccarat. Three possible outcomes define Baccarat; A player wins, A banker wins or A tie and the dealer does most of the work all you gotta do is bet enjoy the game.


Play Online Baccarat in Online Casinos

It has some resemblance with Blackjack but does not need the player to make any decisions after placing the bet. With this simplicity to play, it is easy to learn Baccarat. 

If you’re new to Baccarat, the first tip is to try the game at free tables of online Baccarat. Whether you are new to the game or a pro, you must start with a free baccarat casino online to get used to the mechanics of playing the game.

Live Dealer Baccarat

As the online gambling industry grew so did the live dealer baccarat casino game. Many of the online gambling sites in India with Live Baccarat are secure because there are real-life live dealers hosting Baccarat games and dealing with the cards from a shooting studio. Players place their bets at the live online casino games and they get to see the physical cards dealt in real-time. The results are announced by the dealer as the computer scans the cards to determine your winnings. 

Why should you play Live Dealer Baccarat?

Games are slower: A live dealer deals real cards but he/she may not be as fast as a computer program in cranking them out. Hence, they are easy to follow.

Player Interaction: Have in mind that not all online casinos offer this. Others allow players to interact via the live chat building up the social aspect that is very much what attracts people to brick-and-mortar casinos.  

The closest you can get to a real game: Playing online casino games is fun but once in a while a gambler misses the land casinos. Live casinos bettered their gambling experience with real walking, talking, and humans dealing with the physical cards. 

Rules to help you ace a Baccarat Casino Game

  • Both the banker and the dealer stand if the player or dealer is dealt a total of eight or nine.
  • A player receives another card if their total is five or less. If not, they will stand.
  • Whenever a player stands, the banker hits on a total of 5 or fewer. 
  • A tie is the final betting option and it pays out 8 to 1.

How to Play Baccarat Online

Choose your game: After signing up or logging into an online casino, move around the lobby and peruse through the various Baccarat versions. Select a standard game instead of the commission baccarat, the odds and house edge are similar to regular baccarat. 

  • Balance your stakes: Increase or decrease the bets after the loading game and you can always clear your bets.
  • Wager: Bets are placed on the Player, Banker, or a Tie. 
  • The Player and Banker don’t refer to the player or the house. These are mere names for the two hands that are dealt. Freely bet on either of the two. After placing your bets, hit the deal button. Then the dealer deals two cards on each hand and the winning hand is that with cards that add up closest to 9. 

The play of Baccarat explained:

  1. Face value is counted by cards 2 through to 9. Aces count as 1 and the 10s though Kings as 0.
  2. A natural is an automatic winner that occurs when the Player or Banker is dealt a total of 8 or 9 right off the bat. 
  3. The cards may add up to more than 9. Here the first digit is dropped and the second digit determines the hand value. For example, a 6 and an 8 equals 14, 1 is dropped and the result is 4.
  4. When the Player total is 5 or less then the Player is dealt one extra card. The Player stands, no more cards are dealt, and the Banker takes another card if the Banker is at 5 or less.
  5. The Banker also takes another card if the Banker’s hand is more than 5, and is based on what third card the Player draws. 

 The important thing is which hand ends closest to 9 at the end of the round.

  1. Payouts: Betting on a hand that ends with a higher total, no matter which hand it is, you win. Winning Player bets payouts are 1/1, in that if you bet 100Rs you profit 100 Rs. On the Banker, the payout is 1/1 but the house takes a 5% commission to bring the payout to 19/20 because the Banker has an upper advantage for always acting second. The Tie bet pays 8/1. 
  2. Going Again: Clear all your bets before playing another hand. Press the Re-Bet button on the online casino game. This way you place the exact bet as your previous bet. You can also double the previous bet or after winning you can call it quits by closing the window. 

Other Baccarat Bets

Beyond the main bets, there are side bets that vary from one casino to another.

  • Player Pair: The first two cards dealt with the Player form a pair and have a payout of 11/1 with a house edge of 11.25%.
  • Banker Pair: Opposite of the Player Pair, with similar payouts, instead they are the initial cards dealt for the Banker to make a pair.
  • Perfect Pair: It occurs in a scenario where the first two cards dealt for the Player or the Banker are the same, they are of the same suit and same value. The payouts of this side bet are 25/1 with a house edge of 17.07%. 
  • Either Pair: The payout is 5/1 with a house edge of 14.54%. It is the first two cards dealt to the Player or Banker to make a pair. 
  • Small bet: If the total number of cards dealt in the game is 4 that’s a small bet. They have a payout of 1.5/1 and a house edge of 5.27%.
  • Big: With a payout of 0.54/1 and a house edge of 4.35% the big bet is the number of cards dealt in the game is 5 or 6.

Quick Tips for Baccarat Strategy

The strategy to win at Baccarat game is simple;

  1. Bet on the Banker all the time – It gives you a better chance to win because it has a slightly different house edge of 1.06% and a probability of 45.86% compared to the Player’s bet. 
  2. Avoid Tie bets – The payout is 9/1 but the house edge is 14.4% hence the probability of winning is relatively low. 
  3. Avoid the side bets as much as you can – They have poor payouts with high house edges. 
  4. Follow the bank bet till it loses – Observe the winning streaks and measure the talking. The bank bets get the foremost but do not overdo it.
  5. When the bank loses, move to the next bet – Note when there is a win for the Player or the Banker. Then proceed to bet depending on the results of that play round.
  6. Give tie bets a discount – Each tie bet is placed to be treated on the off chance that it can never happen. In most cases, it ends with no winning or losing. Do not add it to your bet calculations.
  7. Track your bankroll – Gamble with money you can afford to lose and continuously screen your costs at the Baccarat table game. 

Baccarat Variations

In baccarat, how to play and win matters as much as the game version. There are a variety of Baccarat variations you can find in most online casinos such as the American Baccarat, Baccarat Banque, Chemin de Fer, Punto Banco Baccarat, and many others. 


Now that you’ve learned how to win at baccarat, try your luck at the Baccarat table at these leading and rewarding online casinos: Uwin, Jeetplay, Cricsbet, Mr.Spin, and Royal Panda. Don’t forget to claim any available online casino bonuses to boost your Baccarat gameplay. 

Baccarat FAQs

Is Baccarat a game of skill?

No, Baccarat is a casino game that relies on chance and a little amount of strategy. Luck plays a huge role in the outcome of the bet.

Is it safe to play in online casinos?

As long as you are playing Baccarat in a licensed and regulated online casino you have nothing to worry about. We recommend baccarat gambling sites that are trustworthy and safe. 

3. What are the winning odds of Baccarat?

The chances of a player winning with the Banker bet are 45.86%, the Player bet is 44.62% and with a Tie is 9.52%

4. What are the payouts of Baccarat?

Bets on the Banker have a payout of 19/20, on the Player is 1/1 a

5. Can I play Baccarat on my phone? 

Yes, you can. Online casinos offer mobile-friendly websites that can be accessed with the browser. Today, online casinos are developing mobile apps so that iOS and Android users can download the casino Baccarat app online and play at their convenience.

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