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Online Roulette is one of the most interesting, exciting, and fastest games that entice players worldwide. However rewarding this game is, people still lose if they don’t know the winning roulette strategies.

Roulette is the kind of game that people are tempted to play and wish to win it. Thus, if you are also one of them and want to earn huge with online Roulette, then you need to know the roulette strategy that works.

Casino Games Online Reviews has come up with an excellent Roulette-winning formula that will help you win. Read further in the article, where we will explain how to play online Roulette and some amazing Roulette winning formulas, which will increase your chances of winning.

So let’s have a look at the basics of playing online Roulette.


How to Play Online Roulette?

Before starting with online Roulette, ensure that you choose the right platform to play live roulette games. Going to some reputed and one of the best online casinos is always better to play with the live dealer.

Roulette has a spinning wheel with 1 – 36 numbers marked randomly in black and red, and the ‘0’ or’ 00′ are in green. Each number has a pocket under it that holds the ball. When the game starts, the wheel is rolled, and the ball is rolled on the outside track in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. The game ends as the ball slows down and drops in a random number pocket.

The game starts by placing a bet on a number; you can place a bet on one or more than one number. Once you place the bet and decide the amount, the dealer will roll the wheel, and if the ball lands on the number you bet upon, you will win instant money.

Sounds exciting, right?

In the game of online Roulette, there are different denominations of chips, for example, 5, 10, 20, etc. However, in online Roulette, Various games on various platforms might have denominations, but the way of playing Roulette is the same.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to play Roulette.

Winning Roulette Strategies

To win the game of Roulette, people have come up with many roulette tricks to win. Now, there are more roulette strategies than any other gambling game, but not all the roulette strategies to win are accurate.

We have covered some of the best winning roulette strategies to make it easy for the players to play Roulette and win.

So, if you ask us, is there a roulette winning formula? We say Yes, there are some of the most effective strategies to win at Roulette at every spin. Here are some of the best roulette strategies that you must keep in mind if you wish to play amazingly online Roulette.

       1. The Cause and Effect of Roulette

If you think that the roulette betting table does not affect the winning number, then let us break it for you by saying that most systems are built around the betting table. It is only a combination of fundamental physical variables, such as the wheel and ball, that come into play when playing online Roulette, and the winning number is governed by cause-and-effect.

You should be able to distinguish between real patterns and patterns in your head. Do not fall for the scam that red is on a streak if you get red for the last 5 times. You can rely on a real pattern, but your head’s pattern is a past spins sequence that does not affect future spins.

      2. Do Some Statistic Testing

Can you believe that some casinos get their advice from statisticians who know what they’re talking about and how they can proceed with the game. Testing even thousands of spins is generally not enough for the players to know if your strategy works.

Thus, it would be best if you had convincing stats to devise a method for yourself that works for you. Once you are a regular at online Roulette, you can even come up with the number of specific spins that are your lucky spins.

       3. Place Multiple Bets

Roulette is not the game to make just one bet and rely on the same for winning. One of the best roulette strategies to win is to have multiple bets. Placing multiple bets will give you more chances of winning as compared to one bet and fewer chances of winning.

      4. Place Combination bets

While playing Roulette, you can make a combination bet of outside bets. For instance, if you place 1 Dozen bet and 1 low or high bet, you will have a bigger chance of getting the Dozen column numbers right and the low or high numbers right. However, you can even make multiple corner bets to have a bigger chance of winning.

       5. Use the Same Betting and Combination Number

If you wish to win the game eventually, keeping the betting numbers or combination of numbers the same is a good roulette strategy as it has higher odds of winning. Also, it is better to avoid changing the bet numbers every time. It might not help you win Roulette at every spin but will help in winning eventually.

      6. Keep a tab on Bets

While the game is in progress, you can slowly increase or decrease your bets as you start winning or losing the game. Keeping a tab on bets and changing them according to the gameplay will also help you manage your bankroll.

Also, it is vital to keep a check on your balance before placing the bet amount. If you think you are going over the board and are losing,  it is better to quit the game rather than try to win it all.

     7. Check the Wheel

Different types of roulette tables have different wheels, and if you see a different wheel, you should change your Roulette winning strategy accordingly. For example, playing an online European Roulette wheel is good as it does not have 00, which increases your odds of winning up to 37:1.

Moving into another helpful information on the best way to play Roulette.

Types of Roulette Betting

To be able to play a good game, you must be aware of the different inside bets. In online Roulette, you have to anticipate the number in which the ball is going to land.

There is a range of inside bets that are placed on specific numbers and have higher-paying odds for anticipating the outcome. 

  • Straight-up bet
  • Split betting
  • Street betting
  • Corner betting 
  • Line betting 

There is also something known as the outside bets, in which there are specific numbers, and the bets are placed outside of the number map. These bets are:

  • Colour betting (red or black)
  • Even or odd betting
  • Column betting
  • High or low bets pay

Now it’s Time to Play with the Best Roulette Strategy

To help the players win at Roulette, the experts at Casino Games Online Review have compiled the best winning roulette strategies that will help the players. Although these Roulette strategies vary from game to game and from person to person, it will take time to come up with the roulette strategy that works specifically for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know about the roulette strategy that works, it’s time to test it at some of the best online casinos.

Roulette FAQ’s

How can I play free Roulette?

There are a lot of sites that support free Roulette. You can join an online casino that allows you to play free Roulette.

Is there any lucky number in Roulette?

 We believe that there are no lucky numbers, but people mostly bet on the number 7 in Roulette.

Will the Roulette strategy work for me?

There is no specific roulette strategy that works for everyone, and you might have to come up with strategies that you think can help you win.

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