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Ever wondered how some people are super lucky to win the lottery? Well, we have news for you. Winning the lottery is nothing to do with luck, rather it is mostly a lottery winning strategy of picking the best lucky numbers and being consistent in using them. 

Sometimes, you may be also tempted to buy lotteries for big amounts, but this does not guarantee you a win. So, make sure you play wisely and responsibly. You can even check the most won numbers in a lottery to increase your winning chances. 


Powerball best lucky numbers list:

If you play Powerball and want to know the frequently pulled lucky numbers, then here they are:

1, 26, 18, 10, 2, 12, 11, 9, 6, and 20

You may want to use some of these numbers with your set of lucky numbers when you play Powerball Lottery.

However, some people believe the luckiest number in a lottery or lottery ka lucky number is 7. You may have also heard of people going through the past lucky numbers from lottery results. 

India Lottery lucky numbers: 

Some lucky numbers to try when you play the lottery in India are 09, 16, 18, 34, 35, 38, 23, 30, 33, 39, 26, 16, 41, 32, and 28

There are also online websites where you can get lucky numbers generated by a lottery number picker generator. However, these cannot be vouched for or trusted. 

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Tips to Win the Lottery with the best lucky numbers:

You can win the lottery with the best lucky numbers if you play responsibly and keep in mind the following tips:

Buy more lottery tickets: 

When you buy more lottery tickets, you spread the wins and increase the chances of winning some amount. You also spread the cost of the tickets and so will the risk of losing the lottery. Buy small lottery ticket denominations to make sure you do not spend a bulk amount on just one or two tickets. 

Join a lottery syndicate:

The best way to increase your chances of winning is when you join a lottery syndicate. This means you can buy more tickets and use most of the lottery numbers, and increase your chances of winning a jackpot. A syndicate win means that you have a guaranteed winning amount, rather than when you go solo. 

Best Lucky numbers total between 104 and 176 : 

Do not pick consecutive numbers. Do some research on the previous numbers. Keep in mind to have the total of all the numbers you choose to be between 104 and 176. As more than 70% of lottery jackpots have numbers with a sum in that range. 

Do not pick same number group or ending with the same digit:

Use numbers that do not fall in the same number group, like 7, 21, 49, etc. Also, numbers must not end with the same digits, like 17, 27, 37, etc.

Play unpopular lottery games: 

Sometimes, playing not-so-popular lottery games can be your winning lottery. The less popular lottery game will have fewer players, which can increase your odds of winning. You may want to play Super Enalotto, Euro jackpot, Super lotto Plus, etc. 

Pick best lucky numbers from birthday dates: 

If you have family members with birthday dates that have been lucky in the past, then you may want to write all their birthday numbers. Stick to these numbers and use them in the lottery. 

Pick the right lottery games to play: 

It is good to pick the right lottery games to play. Lotteries with small number pools have bigger chances of getting your numbers right. 

Your numbers could be lucky:

Keep in mind that your numbers have equal chances of winning and the probability is high to get your numbers. So, stick to your numbers in every lottery you play. Do not keep changing the numbers, as this will never get you winnings. 

Avoid quick pick numbers: 

Like we said earlier, using number generators to pick your numbers may not be a good idea. The odds in most such cases are not in the player’s favour. So, your chances of winning are bleak. 

Do not increase your lottery amount: 

When there is a huge jackpot, you must not increase your lottery amount by looking at other players increasing their lottery amounts. So, the bigger jackpot amounts mean your risk will also increase. 

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How to play the lottery responsibly: 

  1. Play the lottery for fun not as a source of income. 
  2. Set a budget or Rupee limit and make sure you stick to it. 
  3. If you lose, do not just keep playing thinking that you could win back those losses. That is a wrong way to play the lottery. 
  4. It is best to use your own money to play the lottery. Do not borrow other’s money and also do not take a loan to play the lottery. This is unethical and land you in trouble. 
  5. Make sure you play the lottery when you know and understand the amount of loss you can bare. Do not play the lottery when you are sad or depressed, as it could lead you to make irrational decisions. 
  6. Take help if you think you are struggling with gambling addiction. 

Lottery FAQs:

Is it legal to play the Lottery in India? 

In India, though there are restrictions in some states to play the lottery, you can still play the lottery online. You can use the different lottery websites online that are reputed and credible. Some online betting sites also have lottery options, like Cricsbet and UWin. Such sites are reputed and also offer genuine wins when you play the lottery. 

How to get lucky numbers in the lottery?

You can get lucky numbers in the lottery, just make sure you pick numbers that add up to fall in the range of 104 and 176. Also, use the same set of numbers in all the lotteries you play. 

Can I play international lotteries in India?

Yes, you can play international lottery games in India. Some lotteries you can play are Powerball, Euro millions, Mega Millions, Keno, etc. 

What Indian lotteries can I play?

You can play Indian lotteries that are genuine and state-run. For example, some credible lotteries are Punjab Lottery and Nagaland Lottery. 

Can I buy lottery tickets from another state in India?

Yes, of course, you can buy lottery tickets from another state in India. Just make sure playing the lottery is allowed in your state. You can play the lottery from Maharashtra, West Bengal, Punjab, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Assam, Goa, and Kerala. However, only the state of Kerala does not allow lotteries to be bought from other states.

Can I win the lottery amount even if I get 2 numbers?

Yes, most lotteries give a certain amount of wins to players if they get just 2 numbers. Though the wins may be considered very low, you have still won some amount and it is an encouragement to play more lotteries. 

Do I pay tax on the lottery wins in India?

Yes, lottery winnings are taxable in India. So, keep in mind that the total amount of winnings will be deducted and reduced to an amount that you can take home. 

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