Bhagyalakshmi Lottery Review by CGOR – Scam or Legit?

Bhagyalakshmi lottery is a pretty popular lottery you must have heard in India. However, we also know of many people who complained about this lottery.

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Bhagyalakshmi lottery is a pretty popular lottery you must have heard in India. However, we also know of many people who complained about this lottery. So, Casino Games Online Reviews(CGOR) started investigating this lottery program. Many Indians have played this daily lottery, yet lost a lot of money. So, we have done thorough work to uncover if this lottery is fake or genuine?

There are many offline brokers and online portals that claim to sell Bhagyalakshmi Lottery tickets. These websites have also claimed that people have won a lot of money. However, none of the people who bought the lottery tickets have come forward to say that they have won. In fact, there are many customers who have only given negative reviews of the lottery.


Is it safe to play Bhagyalakshmi Lottery?

When you visit the Bhagyalakshmi Lottery website, it may seem genuine to you. However, when we look at it closely, we will see some irregularities.

  1. It is better to avoid and not play the Bhagyalaxmi lottery since the lottery portal seems fake.
  2. However, it is written on the website that it is registered under some international organizations. For example, the National Lottery, Sports Scotland, etc. Yet, there is no clarification from these organizations about the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery.
  3. The website says that the lottery is drawn daily between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm and is announced immediately. It asks visitors to buy the lottery tickets from the Bhagyalaxmi Lottery website only or an authorized dealer of the lottery (broker). It is advisable to avoid either of the options for now till there are genuine reviews of people who bought and won any lottery amount.
  4. The website showcases 6 different lottery categories namely – OPAL for Rs.100, TOPAZ and SILVER for Rs.250, GOLD for Rs. 500, PLATINUM for Rs. 750, and DIAMOND for Rs. 1000.
  5. Every lottery ticket is of a different denomination, so it asks you to choose the ticket accordingly.
  6. They also claim that you get guaranteed prizes when you buy a bulk of 100 tickets. Not sure this is true though!!
  7. They have a bumper prize worth Rs. 2,85,00,000 and consolation prizes that are given away every day.

Bhagyalakshmi lottery process:

Please be aware that it is a big risk you will take if you decide to play the Bhagyalaxmi lottery. However, if you still want to check and try how the lottery works, just follow the steps below to create an account on their website:

  1. You can create an account on the Bhagyalaxmi Online Lottery website. Enter a username, password, mobile number, email address, and any other details.
  2. After verification, you use the login details to do the Bhagyalaxmi lottery login.
  3. Once you are inside the website, there is a Play Now option that can be clicked to buy the lottery.
  4. You will be taken to the Lottery Ticket Concierge page, where you choose the type of lottery you want to buy. Choose the type of lottery you want to buy according to the ticket amount, Opal, Topaz, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. It is better to choose the cheapest ticket, so even if you do not win, you will not lose much.
  5. Then, numbers of your choice from the number selector grid.
  6. In addition, if you feel lucky, then click the Get Lucky button. This option will automatically generate a set of random numbers.
  7. Later, simply click the OK button to complete the lottery buying process.
  8. Just keep in mind, the Bhagyalaxmi lottery is drawn in a physical location. This means the concierge agent acts like a middle person to buy the lottery on your behalf from the authorized agent.
  9. Once the lottery ticket is bought by the concierge, you will receive a notification message on your mobile phone and email address.

Overall, the website seems to have inconsistent information which does not help in having trust in the lottery. If you keep losing after all your attempts, then it is wise to keep away from them.

How to play and win a genuine Lottery?

Why play a not-so-trusted lottery-like Bhagyalaxmi Lottery, when you can play genuine state lotteries. If you do want to play a good lottery, then you must try to use the alphabetical winning formula of a lottery.

  • You can try an Alphabetical Formula. Where the alphabets are subtracted, for example, A=A, B-A = BA, C-B = CB, D-C = DC, E-D = ED, F-E = FE. This formula has shown positive results.
  • In this, each of the alphabets represents any 6 random numbers picked. So, 1st number = A, 2nd number = B, 3rd number = C, 4th number = D, 5th number = E and 6th number = F.
  • Thus, the alphabetical formula is a tested formula used by many lottery winners. In this, you replace each alphabet with the corresponding numbers in the formula and calculate to give you the final 6 numbers.
  • Then 3 is added 5 times to these 6 numbers.
  • So, you are left with 36 numbers.
  • from these, you again pick 6 digits. This method of choosing and calculating numbers will increase your odds of winning. So, you can use the same set of numbers when you play a lottery.

Alternatively, you can use the other ways to pick lottery numbers

  • Choose any 6 numbers that total between 121 and 186. When you choose a combination of such numbers, you are increasing your chances of winning.
  • Balance odd and even numbers when you choose numbers, which will give you a good winning probability.
  • You can even pick consecutive numbers; in the 6 final numbers, you choose. 


Therefore, if you are in two minds whether to play Bhagyalaxmi Lottery or not, then you have to weigh the pros and cons. CGOR also would like to welcome those who have played and won the lottery with proof of their wins. There is a page on which procedure to claim the lottery is given, however, there is no clarity if that information is true or not.

However, till we do not get such proof, it is always better to play only trusted and genuine lotteries like the Punjab Lottery, or Kerala Lottery, or Sikkim Lottery. These lotteries are run and regulated by the respective state governments.

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Bhagyalakshmi Lottery FAQs:

1. Is it buy lottery tickets online?

Yes, it is legal to buy lottery tickets online, since India does not have any regulations. However, there are some Indian states that do not allow lotteries. Please read the terms and conditions of the lottery website to understand all the rules and regulations.

2. Is Bhagyalakshmi Lottery genuine or a scam?

After a review by CGOR, we come to the conclusion that Bhagya Laxmi Lottery does not seem like a genuine website. It is better to avoid the lottery website. There are many links on the website that do not work. Also do report the website to use if you have not had a good experience with them.

3. Can I play international lotteries in India?

Yes, there are many genuine websites where Indians can play international lotteries. Some of the lotteries you can play are Powerball, Euromillions, Megamillions, etc.

4. Does Bhagyalakshmi Lottery have a bumper prize?

Yes, The Bhagyalakshmi lottery website shows they offer bumper prizes that are worth Rs. 2,85,00,000 and many consolation prizes for winners.

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