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Online cricket betting is very popular among Indians. While some are new to cricket betting, some have enough knowledge to place bets and win big. Cricket betting is as exciting as casino games, if not more.

Irrespective of whether you are new to cricket betting sites or a professional one, here are some steps that every bettor should follow while or before betting on cricket online:


Understand the basics of the game

If you understand the game, you will be in a better place to bet. Knowing the sport and following it is crucial.

Following are some basic points that you should keep in mind to understand how to bet on cricket online:


There are three formats in international cricket; Test cricket (played over 5 days), ODIs (50 overs per side), and T20I (20 overs per side).


Weather is a telling factor in cricket. For example, if the conditions are cloudy, the ball is likely to seam and/or swing.

Team/Player Form

Check the recent form of a team that you would like to bet on. Also, check how players are performing, so that you can bet on players who are doing well.

Analysis of Pitch

A cricket pitch is where the real action takes place. Understanding the pitch type is important, as different pitch types will favour different teams and players. For example, a dry and slow pitch will help spinners.

Understanding how much risk you can take

Betting should be done as a source of entertainment, and should never be your primary source of income. Only bet money that you can afford to lose. Allocate some budget to bet and then stick to it. Track and manage your spending, so that you can take a call on how much to spend.

Select betting sites

Selecting a betting site can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are new to the online betting world. Research and then select the betting site that suits your betting style. Your real money will be at stake, so choose the betting site wisely.

Lookout for the following things before selecting online betting websites:

  • Licensing
  • Deposit and withdrawal process
  • Transaction speed
  • Multiple tournaments
  • Customer support    

Register, deposit, and start betting

Once you have selected the betting platform, get yourself registered on the same. Claim your free bets and welcome bonus during sign-up.

Registration process on most online betting platforms is simple and takes less time. Select the payment method that you are comfortable with, make the first deposit, and get started with betting. 

Pick the best odds

An online betting provider can have a huge selection of bets, but you need to pick a betting platform based on the quality of odds. Different bookmakers will have different prices for the same market.

Plan your betting strategy

Your betting strategy can include points like the total stake, quantity of stakes to be placed, when to cash-out or stop betting, etc.

Following are some pointers that will help you formulate a strong betting strategy:

Analyse the data

Past data is crucial when making betting decisions. When betting on teams, you must check the head-to-head records from trusted sources like ESPN Cricinfo and Cricbuzz. Check the reviews given by cricket experts; this will give you a fair idea of what is happening and then you can bet on teams and players.

Calculate winnings

Have a rough estimate of what would be a good winning amount; based on this estimate, modify the bets or decide when to cash out.

Make a list

Have a list ready for both pre-match and in-play target betting markets. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on rewarding bets during the match. 

Placing the bets

Now that you have selected a betting provider and betting market, you need to select the odds and place the bets. The best thing that you can do after placing the bets is to watch the entire match live; it will help you modify the bets according to the situation of the game.

Also, keep a close watch on offers like referral bonuses and free bets. You can use them to place more wagers.

Track the progress of your bets

If you keep track of your bets, you will be able to modify the bet or cash out as and when needed. This habit becomes all the more important if you are placing bets on multiple betting sites. 

Analyse your performance

Make it a habit, as the betting process does not end when the match gets over. Once you start analysing, you will understand what works and what does not. Keep all the points in mind, formulate strategies, and use them the next time you place bets. 

Final Verdict on Cricket Betting

Cricket betting should be done after proper analysis. Start following the game, pick a trusted online cricket betting platform, check the odds, and then place bets. Do cricket betting for entertainment purposes and never become a compulsive bettor.  

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  1. Where can I get a comparison of various online cricket betting platforms?

You can check comparison of various online cricket betting platforms on websites like casino games online reviews.

  1. Is it legal to bet on cricket online?

There are no clear online cricket betting laws in India. Betting sites with legal licences freely operate in India.

  1. Can I place bets on cricket during the IPL season?

Yes, IPL is a major T20 league in India where bettors can place bets and win exciting rewards.

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