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Why do you want to start gambling? That is a question you need to ask yourself first. Because so many people are joining bookies and casinos every day.

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Why do you want to start gambling? That is a question you need to ask yourself first. Because so many people are joining bookies and casinos every day. Some join for the fun, others for the entertainment, while the majority sign up for the cash. When you decide what you are looking for here, then your gambling journey begins. 


The Bookie

You may not be in Las Vegas, but so many online bookies and casinos offer real money. Take your time to research the bookie to identify it as a legit site and understand each site’s metrics and games. 

Analyze the offers, read the terms and conditions, check out their payout methods/rates (if you find any), and if security is guaranteed. Ask as many questions as you want. Through the live chat on the websites or contact them via email, telegram, or phone call. A way to win real money is to play at legit casinos that have real-time cashouts. This way, you can get to play and withdraw your winnings.

The real money sports betting apps are easy to navigate, allow players to look for the best betting odds, and offer convenience where players can wager on the go. They look to improve your gaming experience and increase your chances of winning. 

Sports betting sites bonuses

The welcome or first deposit bonus adds some sauce to the game, but other sports betting sites also offer a cashback and referral bonus. In this competitive industry, new ads are running every day to grab the attention of the audience. Therefore offline, most sports betting and online casinos rely on wowing the player and having them play and even invite other players.

Deposit bonus

It is the most common type of bonus that real money sportsbooks offer. It is a given percentage on the first and second deposit you make to your account to add value to your bets. Some even offer promotions that depend on the method of payment you choose.

Cashback Bonus

Also known as rebate or Rakeback promotions. Players get to earn a percentage of their wager back on the lost bets or based on the commission the sportsbook made from the bet. You bet more money, then expect to get back from a loss. This motivates punters to take that risk and helps to maintain the bankroll. 

Invite bonus

A happy gambler does not hesitate to recommend you to the casino that keeps them on top of the game, online and offline. For example, offers the players 10% off the first deposit made by the invitee.

Game Contributions

Be aware of the sports betting sites with good game contributions of your favorite game and the preferred reward system, promotional offers, points, and bonus wagering requirements. Some do not reward or give a matched bonus. Most of them offer up to 100% contribution. 

For example, for live casinos and sportsbooks, slot games have high contributions. Every player needs to be informed about these to make all bets they want and make progress in winning real money.

Profitable Sports and games

Bet on the most profitable sports online. With so many sports one can bet on, punters ought to look into those with more profits, such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Esports, and even Cricket. These are the most famous among sports bettors.

Concentrate on the terms of the game

Do not leave any page unturned on the casino’s website. Carefully analyze the terms and conditions before placing your bet. 

For example, casino A offers a first deposit bonus on specific games, and casino B offers a first-time deposit on all games. To avoid playing unrelated games that will not impact the requirements with no real money winnings. Be disciplined.  

Know the Betting Odds

The majority of the online sports betting sites offer competitive odds to players. It’s up to you to become familiar with the numbers that are associated with a matchup. Before placing a bet, you will see that individual or team betting odds are represented in American odds, Decimal odds or Fractional odds. 

American odds

They are the most common way in which online sportsbooks display betting odds. They represent returns relative to 100 dollars as the base wager. Calculating the American odds return is quite simple in that teams with the negative are the favorite to win their matchup, and the positives are considered underdogs.

Decimal odds

Although similar to American odds, they convert them into a fairer format. Represent returns relative to 1 dollar bet the 100 dollar bet for ease calculation of the payout.

Fractional odds: The returns are difficult to understand and calculate compared to the others. 

Redeem your account balance

When preparing to play again, visit the balance page on the dashboard to check what you are working with, a fair amount of points, for example. If it’s too low for the game, redeem them for an instant boost to your bankroll. Even so, most honest money betting sites provide a wide selection of depositing and withdrawing methods. These methods will require you to prove or verify your identity in so many ways. This is to ensure that you receive real money in your account. You have to choose what is convenient for you to withdraw your winnings. 

Type of sports bet

Popular bet types are Moneyline, total, parlay and prop bets.


The most basic type, and for you to win, you need to bet on the winning team correctly. Find them in significant football, baseball, basketball, and esports events. Every team is given odds, where one will win and the other to be the underdog. Betting on the team favored to win has fewer payouts, and winning on underdogs has a high payout because of the risk. 

Total Bets

A projected total number of goals, scores, and points is given to a game matchup by the online sportsbook. Pace a wager on whether you think the actual score will be higher or lower than the projected points. Outcomes are affected by bad weather, injured players, poor coaching decisions, and so on. 

Parlay Bets

With these, you have to place multiple wagers on the same sports matchup. Correct individual picks that exceed the projected odds set by the online betting site will gather for you a win. They have large payouts but with a little risk. 

Prop Bets

They are exciting for they add a unique twist to the experience. They are different for most sports or match events. With endless possibilities, the prop bets make betting so much fun. 

There is that moment when you want to do or buy something, but you are scared of the losses you might incur to get that thing. The same is very common in gambling. People don’t want to lose their money on their first interaction with a game. They need time to learn the game and understand its functionality without losing money. 

But why are you gambling even when you know you may lose your money? It is because you feel safe at the site and enjoy the fun that comes with betting. Real money sports betting sites offer a possibility where you can wager and win by having a variety of sports events and markets and high odds. 

Bottom Line

Finding what clicks and rhymes with you will take some time. Being in a real sports betting and online casino like Cricsbet guarantees real money payouts. Therefore be alert to notice real sites and you must master the sport or game if you want to make real money. 

Do not start taking risks as a newbie; for example, forgoing huge jackpots and fancy slots, play at the low-cost machines. Play it nice and slow; this is gambling. 

For experienced players, stay strategic to gather good-looking winnings. Also, keep in mind the site and all the factors mentioned above to win real money.

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