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The IPL 2022 tournament is an excellent opportunity to put your cricket knowledge to the test while also making profits. Each year, along with the IPL, comes a plethora of online cricket betting sites and IPL betting apps, but if you’re not sure how to bet on IPL, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Basic Online IPL Betting Tips

  1. Set Yourself an Online IPL Betting Budget

Before figuring out what to bet on, you must fix how much money you can set aside as your online cricket betting budget. When you bet online, you must deposit funds before placing bets, so you must know what your deposit limit is ahead of time. This will enable you to bet safely and responsibly.

  1. Research IPL Betting Odds

After you’ve decided on your online betting budget for IPL, you must research IPL Betting odds. When betting online, you must become very familiar with cricket betting odds, as these figures determine the probability and profit associated with winning a bet.

If you’re not familiar with betting odds, consider the following example:

If you bet Rs. 1,000 on Chennai Super Kings to win at odds of 1.95; you will receive Rs.1,950 if you win – Rs.1,000 plus your winnings of 950. Winnings are calculated using the following simple formula:

 (Odds Multiplied by Stake) Minus Stake.

  1. Become Acquainted with The Teams

Betting profitable on IPL betting sites and IPL betting apps involves quite a bit of research. Without that, your bets will be based solely on educated guesses, which rarely ends well.

The main focus of your research should be on the teams competing in the league. Consider their strengths and weaknesses and how they performed in previous tournaments.

Suppose you’re not sure where to begin when researching the teams. Then, a great place to start is by reviewing each player’s T20 statistics, including bowling and batting averages. 

Here’s a list of the winning teams in the IPL (and therefore are good IPL betting odds) over the years. 

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List of all IPL Winners 

Past performances are significant to look at when you’re considering how to place your bets. To help you out, here are the winners of the IPL from the past five years:

  • 2021: Chennai Super Kings
  • 2020: Mumbai Indians
  • 2019: Mumbai Indians
  • 2018: Chennai Super Kings
  • 2017: Mumbai Indians
  • 2016: Sunrisers Hyderabad
  • 2015: Mumbai Indians
  • 2014: Kolkata Knight Riders
  • 2013: Mumbai Indians
  • 2012: Kolkata Knight Riders
  • 2011: Chennai Super Kings
  • 2010: Chennai Super Kings
  • 2009: Deccan Chargers
  • 2008: Rajasthan Royals

Judge IPL teams based on their performance in the league, but keep the recent winners in mind. After all, they’re top performers for a reason!

  1. Look into IPL Live Betting Sites

IPL betting sites like UWIN Sports allow you to bet on a cricket match in real time, i.e., you don’t have to wait until the game starts to place a wager. This is called ‘in-play’ betting.

Betting on the IPL in real time boosts your chances of making a larger profit. You can even elect to cash out early if the odds change during a game to take advantage of a profitable period.

In addition to the obvious appeal of winning huge, live IPL betting offers an exciting experience that will keep you involved as the game continues. 

Top IPL Online Betting Options

There’s IPL daily match betting that allows you to wager on the team you think will win the match on that given day. Best Team Batsman decides the tournament’s top run-scorer, also known as the Orange Cap winner, is another popular betting option. There’s also the Top IPL Bowler betting option, which features the Purple Cap winner.

Other IPL live betting options to explore include live betting and player performance, as well as the winner of the coin toss, overall wickets, overall runs, overall ducks, and total wides.

The best part about all of the IPL betting tips we’ve mentioned is that you use them on all IPL betting sites and apps.

Now the only question is – are you ready for the IPL 2022 cricket betting?

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