Teen Patti Sequence – Know the highest and the best cards to play

The Teen Patti card game is one of the most fun and exciting card games to play. You will love the fact that the game is very simple and easy to play.

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The Teen Patti card game is one of the most fun and exciting card games to play. You will love the fact that the game is very simple and easy to play. So, just keep in mind the Teen Patti sequence, and you are bound to win the pot. 


How to play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti Game Rules

  • As soon as all the players put their stake amount in the pot, the dealer starts the game by dealing 3 cards to each player. 
  • A player cannot ask for a Show, unless two or more players have folded the game. 
  • The Teen Patti game objective of the players is to claim the entire pot. There can be just one winner in Teen Patti. 

Teen Patti Game Play:

  • Teen Patti games are played between 6-7 players.
  • You can play the game Seen or Blind.
  • First all the players open the pot with a certain amount. 
  • Once the pot has an amount, the dealer deals the cards to the players. 

Playing Blind: 

  • Players who play Blind, 
  • Whereas, a player who is playing Blind, chooses to not see their cards. They also have an advantage of paying half of the bet amount. 
  • However, when the player chooses not to play Blind anymore, they can place the full bet and start playing Seen. They can now view their cards. 
  • From here onwards, they have to place the same amount of bet as the rest of the Seen players. 

Playing Seen: 

  • If you choose to play Seen, it means you can see your 3 cards.
  • The player who is seated on the left of the dealer makes the first bet. This is also the same person who can fold the game first. 
  • In order to keep playing in a round, the players have to bet on the current stake amount. They can even double the current stake, when this happens the rest of the players must also double their current stake. 
  • The maximum bet on the stake amount is 4x the current stake amount.
  • If a player does not want to play a round and does not place a bet, then it means that they have folded their cards. They longer can bet and are out of the game. They do not have any say in the pot amount also, which means they lost all their bet amount. 
  • Players can keep the bet going till there are two players in the game. If either of the players Fold or ask for a Show, then whoever has the highest teen patti sequence wins the game. 
  • If only one player is left after all the players have folded the game. Then the lone player wins the game. 

Highest Teen patti Sequence: 

The highest sequence in 3 Patti is 3 Aces. If you get this highest 3 Patti sequence, then you can keep the pot increasing. Therefore, no other cards can beat this trio of 3 Patti hands. 

Highest 3 patti rules in color: 

The highest color sequence in 3 Patti is Ace-King-Jack. 

Teen Patti order or ranking:

  • Trio: Trio of three cards and the same rank is the highest sequences. The highest card in Teen Patti is Trio of three Aces and the least is the Trio of three 2s.
  • Straight Flush: In this sequence you must have three cards in the same suit. So, the best hand in the same suit is – Ace, Two and Three. Whereas, the least hand in the same suit is 4,3 and 2.
  • Straight: You must have a sequence of three cards in any suit. So, the best hand is Ace, Two and Three from any suit. The least hand is 4, 3 and 2 from any suit.
  • Flush: In flush, you have to have three cards in the same suit. If there is a tie in the hands, then ranks are compared. The highest hand in flush is Ace, King and Jack and the lowest hand is 5, 3 and 2.
  • Pair: You make a pair of two cards from two different suits. The highest hand is a pair of Aces and any other card. The lowest hand is a pair of 2s and any other other. 
  • High Card: High card is where two or more players do not have a pair or do not make any other sequences. Then the high cards of the players are compared. Whoever has the highest valued cards will win the game. 

You can play the Teen Patti game at UWin and win a big pot. 

Teen Patti Winning Strategy:

To win Teen Patti every time, it is good if you follow the following winning strategy:

Learn the game rules

It is very important that you learn the rules of the game thoroughly. Once you know the game, you can understand when to raise the bet amount, when to fold, etc.

Place small bets

If any other player raises the bet amount, make sure you keep playing, if you have a really good hand. If not it is wise to fold, as it helps you to save any more losses.

Play Blind game

When you play blind in Teen Patti, you can raise the stake of the pot gradually. This strategy can make other players nervous and they may fold quickly. Provided you are confident you have the best hand or you are able to judge that the other players who are playing Seen have the best cards.

Practice Teen Patti

Practice playing the Teen Patti game as much as possible. When you join an online casino or download the Teen Patti app on your mobile, you can play for free. Make sure you practice the game with play money and when you are confident, you can place real money bets and win.

Use Bonus points

Many online casinos offer bonus points to players when they play the game. Make sure you utilize these bonus points to place free bets, etc. 


Therefore, we can conclude that when you understand and know how to play the Teen Patti game, you can win the pot. Make sure you know the best Teen Patti sequence to maximize your wins. Thus, you can raise the bet amounts to win big money, when you have the highest hands. 

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Teen Patti Sequence – FAQ’s

1. How to get good cards in 3 Patti?

You cannot control which cards you get in 3 Patti. But, keep in mind to play the game blind at the start. Once you think you cannot risk putting money in the pot, then you can see your cards. If you have a good sequence, then you can keep increasing your pot. Eventually, the other player will think that you have the best cards, and they may bow out of the game. This way you will win the pot. 

2. What is the rule of 3 Patti?

There are a few Teen Patti rules that you have to keep in mind. One, that you can play Blind or Seen. Second, you can ask for a show of cards if two or more players have folded their cards. Third, you bet the same amount as the first player. Fourth, if any players raise the stake amount, then you have to bet the raised bet amount, if not you are removed from the game.

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