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So, did you play a Teen Patti card game and lost the game? Are you not confident about the game anymore? Don’t worry, Casino Games Online Reviews have you covered with our in-depth guide on Teen Patti rules. 

You may have also come across various Teen Patti variations, with slight or few changes in the rules. Casino Teen Patti rules in a land casino also may differ from the game rule of Teen Patti of an online casino. So, do read the rules of the online site carefully before you play with real money. 

Therefore, in this blog, we have discussed the Teen Patti rules in detail and how to always win real money. Below we have a detailed guide for you on Teen Patti rules, how to play, the highest and lowest card rankings, and strategies to use to win real money. 


Teen Patti Rules: 

Most Teen Patti rules are the same for all the different Teen Patti variations of the card game. Only some additional rules may apply.

       1. Boot Money:

Ok now boot money is the initial pot amount that all the players pitch in before the first bet. This amount grows as the game continues. Whoever wins the game, wins the pot.

       2. Teen Patti Blind Rule: 

When you choose to play blind, it means that you do not check your cards after the dealer or croupier deals. The advantage here is that you bet only half of the current bet amount, even if the bet amount increases, you just pay half of that amount. You may anytime pay the current bet amount to see your cards and play Seen thereafter.

        3. Teen Patti Seen: 

In this, the players can see their cards after the croupier deals. A Seen player has to bet the full amount throughout the game.

         4. Show in Teen Patti rule: 

A player can request a Show in the game when just two players are left at the end of the game. The player whose cards form the highest sequence is the winner of the game.

         5. Side Show rule in Teen Patti: 

A player can request their opponents who placed the last bet before them for a sideshow. That player can either accept or refuse the sideshow. If a sideshow is accepted, then the two players compare their cards. The player with the lowest sequence folds the game. This is a good strategy to use if you have the best or highest cards in hand. The player can also reduce the sideshow, in that case, the game continues as usual.

         6. End of the game:

In Teen Patti, the game ends in two scenarios: 

  • When all the players have folded the game except one player. The player who is left at the end wins the game. 
  • When two players are left by the end of the game. One of the players can ask for a Show and then both the player’s cards are compared. Whoever has the highest Teen Patti sequence, wins the game. 

How to play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti or 3 cards is a poker-like game very popular in India. So, as the name suggests, the game is played with 3 cards. 

  • The game is played between 6-7 players. 
  • Boot money is collected from all the players.
  • The dealer or croupier deals 3 cards each face down to every player from a 52-card pack. There are no jokers in the pack. 
  • A player can choose to play Seen or Blind. (Scroll up to read the rules about Playing Seen or Blind)
  • Players can make a Call; this means the same stake amount is bet on. 
  • Alternatively, players can even make a Raise. In this they can increase the stake of the bet. 
  • The objective of the game is to remain at the end of the game till everyone else folds the game. Eventually, you win the pot money. 

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Card Rankings: 

Highest Teen Patti Sequence: 

The highest Teen Patti sequence you can make is Trio or Trail of Aces. 

Other card ranks from highest to lowest:

Trail or Set:

You know the highest Trail of 3 cards is 3 Aces. Whereas, the lowest trail of 3 cards is 3 twos. However, even the lowest trio of 2’s is bigger than all the other card ranks. 

Pure sequence or the Straight Flush

When the 3 consecutive cards appear in the same suit, then you have a pure sequence or Straight Flush. In this, the highest pure sequence is Ace, Two, Three from the same suit. 


You can form a sequence when you get 3 consecutive cards, from different suits. The highest sequence is Ace, King, Queen. 


When you get 3 cards in the same suit, but different valued cards, then they are called Colour cards. The highest color cards are Ace, King, and Jack. 


When you get 2 of the same cards, then it is called a pair. The highest 2 cards are 2 Aces. 

High Card

Players check for a high card when none of the players can make any hand sequences. In this, the highest cards of the players are compared, whoever has the highest cards wins the game. 

Teen Patti Game Strategies:

We have listed some game strategies that work to help you win real money. 

  1. Understand the Teen Patti cards rules before you start to play. 
  2. Place a small bet amount. If the stake amount is doubled and you do not hold good cards, then fold the game. 
  3. Do not be tempted to raise a stake if you are not confident with your card values. Play responsibly and do not be addicted. 
  4. Play Blind to take advantage of just paying half of the current stake amount. 
  5. Use the sideshow option if it is available in the online game. 


In conclusion, we can say that it is easy to learn Teen Patti rules thoroughly and know when to play the right strategies. This can help you stay in the game till the end and win the pot. 

You can play Teen Patti now with no deposit bonus 2021 at UWin. Here you can play Teen Patti with a Live croupier who will deal the cards in front of you. There is live streaming of the dealer room and you can interact with the dealer via chat. The dealers are professional and friendly and the gameplay is fair. 

Teen Patti Rules FAQs:

Is online teen Patti legal to play in India?

Yes, you can play the online Teen Patti game in India as it is legal. playing teen Patti is legal. There are no restrictions or laws related to the game in India. 

Is Teen Patti a game of chance?

Yes, Teen Patti is a game of chance. Thus, you cannot determine which cards you get. Yet, you can play the game strategically to win and increase your chances of winning the pot at the end. 

Where can I play teen Patti online?

You can play Teen Patti online games on reputed sites like Uwin, Cricsbet, etc. You can make a minimum deposit and place the first bet. Read and understand the rules when. Know when to fold, and when to double your stakes and win real money. 

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